We have separate, individual pitches of all shapes and sizes! So whether you have a Tent, Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan we have designed pitches to accommodate you. If you would like to discuss your requirements just give us a call!

Strand Camping is a very small campsite and we have a selection of pitches to suit most touring needs. We provide pitches for ‘bring your own’ style accommodation; we don’t have static caravans or fixed tourist accommodation to rent onsite. We are often asked about discounts for long term stays and whether we provide seasonal pitches but as we are very small this isn’t something we provide, sorry.

At Strand Camping we have designed the pitches based on our experiences. All of our pitches are flat, level and have a gravel base for all weather use.  All pitches have electric hook-up points (EHU) and electric is available as an additional extra. All pitches are located close to a fresh water fill-up point. Although there are no pitches with individual ‘used water drainage’ points the campsite is small and our communal used water disposal point is close to all pitches.

Here’s a bit more information about our different pitches:
Campervan (or) motorhome pitches

Available to book online all of our campervan / motorhome pitches can easily accommodate a motorhome length of up to 9 metres which typically suits a 6-Berth (or under) motorhome vehicle. The width of these pitches does vary slightly but all have a private side area for your private recreational use during your stay.
Some of our campervan/motorhome pitches have a wider area for a ground based awning so if you need to use an awning of this type it’s important to request this and describe your awning in your booking. Depending on the type of awning you have you may be assigned one of our pitches with an awning base of soft rubber chippings rather than grass. This means you can use your awning in all weathers and don’t need to worry about mud! Above is a photo of one of our campervan/motorhome pitches showing a side area of grass which can be used easily with a ‘wind-out’ awning. This particular pitch is located centrally to all of the campsite facilities and opposite a central and communal green space area where there’s additional open air seating and picnic benches for your use.The front of this pitch faces north, the rear faces south and this pitch gets the sun most of the day. All of our campervan/motorhome pitches are slightly different so if you have a particular request please add this to the ‘special request’ field when making a booking and we will endeavor to accommodate it if we can.

The price structure for our Campervan or Motohome pitches is €22 per night for 2 people (€17 for 1 person) and an additional €5 per person (child 3yrs + or adult) thereafter.  For example, a unit of 3 people per night will be €27 excluding electric. This price includes the use of the campsite showers and toilets.

Take a video tour of our motorhome/campervan pitches:


Communal green space area for everyone to enjoy! We want everyone to have as much personal space to use as possible. So although you have private space on your pitch you also have the option to use this central communal space for relaxing, dining or simply maximising your vitamin D intake! This area is one of two outdoor communal spaces for you to use and has picnic benches and outdoor seating for all to share.

Caravan with Car pitches

Available to book online our individual caravan with car pitches have been designed to give more width to enable you to comfortably park your caravan alongside your towing vehicle. There’s an awning space of around 4 metres by 6 metres on four of our caravan pitches to support a full sized caravan awning if required.The awning bases are either soft rubber chippings or fine pea gravel to enable awning use in all weathers.

These awning surfaces can be used like grass with standard pegs.  All caravan pitches have electric hook-up and are located close to a fresh water fill-up point. Four of our caravan pitches are based at the rear of the campsite close to the children’s play field area and dedicated dog walk area. The picture above is an example of one of our caravan pitches. The rear of this pitch is facing south and the pitch gets the sun for most of the day. Its a less than 100 metres to the main campsite facilities from this pitch. The maximum length of caravan that can be accommodated in these four pitches is 7.5 metres, including the tow-hitch. If your caravan is longer than 7.5 metres please call us before booking so that we can review larger pitch options for you.

The price structure for our caravan with car pitchesin 2022 is €25 per night for 2 people (€17 for 1 person) and an additional €5 per person (child 3yrs + or adult) thereafter.  For example, a caravan of 4 people per night will be €35 excluding electric or €38 including electric. This price includes use of the campsite showers and toilets.

Take a video tour of our caravan pitches:

Tent Pitches

We have three individual private tent pitches on the campsite. Two of those are designed for medium sized, (for example 4-man or 6-man sized tents) and ideal for parties of up to six people. One pitch is designed specifically for tourers travelling on a bike or on foot and is a perfect size for those camping in smaller tents (for example 2-man or 3-man sized tents) All of our tent pitches are purpose built, secluded and individual rather than ‘open-space / free-form’ camping so we have outlined below the maximum dimensions of the tent base that you need to pitch on when using these pitches. If you are considering making a booking please double check your tent base size to ensure it meets these size requirements.

Here’s an overview of the three different tent pitches:

Brand New! our Tent pitch #7 Tourer : 4m x 4m is designed for tourers travelling by bike or on foot so it does not have a car parking space located within the pitch like the others do. This tent pitch is medium sized, dedicated to you and secluded. It is surrounded by trees and shrubs, very sheltered and suitable for smaller tents up to 400cm by 400cm.
The top layer of this pitch base is fine pea-gravel which is an all-weather surface, perfect for daily use and similar to shingle on a beach. You can use standard tent pegs in this surface the same as you would with grass. The pitch also has seating for two, a lockable outdoor bench seat box for the storage of possessions and a bike rack/stand. This pitch comes with an allocated small fridge freezer, solely for your use, located indoors within the campsite communal facility block, perfect for keeping your food, drinks and cool packs chilled during your stay. The price structure for this pitch in 2022 is €22 per night for 2 people (€17 for 1 person) and an additional €5 per person (child 3yrs + or adult) thereafter.  For example, a touring group of 3 people per night will be €27. This includes use of the campsite showers and toilets and mobile phone charging.

(Just as a reminder, this pitch does not have a parking space located within the pitch so if you need a car parking space one will be allocated  on the campsite and as close by as possible. Please be sure to mention this in your booking under the ‘special requests’ section. There is no additional charge to bring a car with this pitch)

Brand New! our Tent Pitch #9 : Super 7m x 4.5m Is designed for campers travelling by car. It has one car parking space located adjacent to the tent area. This pitch is a large size private corner plot surrounded by trees and is very sheltered. It is suitable for medium sized tents up to 450cm by 700cm.

Accessed by a pathway from the car parking space you can see the tent pitch in the photograph has a top layer of dark green soft rubber chippings, made from shredded recycled tyres! which is an all-weather surface topping, perfect for daily use and great in wet or damp conditions as it repels water.You can use standard tent pegs in this surface, the same as you would with grass because the under layers are standard soil/earth.

The tent base is alongside a small outdoor grass area for dining and cooking together with the allocated gravel car parking space.The pitch comes with a dedicated under-counter fridge freezer allocated to you during your stay located within the indoor camper facilities block. Electric for this pitch is included in the price The price structure for this pitch in 2022 is €28 per night for 1-2 people and an additional €5 per person (child 3yrs + or adult) thereafter.  For example, a family of four per night will be €38. This includes use of the campsite showers and toilets and mobile phone charging.

If your tent base is larger than 4.5 metres by 7 metres please call first to check whether this pitch could accommodate your requirements.

An all weather favorite! our Tent Pitch #12 : Super+  6m x 6m is a great outdoor space! Located within a corner plot and surrounded by trees for additional shelter this large, secluded pitch also comes with a dedicated 3-sided barn for your own private use and two car parking spaces! (or car plus trailer)

The tent base area is suitable for medium sized tents up to 600cm by 600cm. The same as pitch #9 detailed above the top layer of the tent base area is green soft rubber chippings which is an all-weather surface topping and you would use standard tent pegs with this surface.

Within the private barn you have your own large fridge freezer, picnic bench, two reclining outdoor seats, washing line with pegs and a range of bins for recycling and general waste. The barn also has a roll-down awning covering one half of the open side to add extra weather protection if needed, This pitch includes electric so there’s no need to add this to your booking. In the photo you can see the green tent base, gravel parking spaces and blue barn included within this large corner plot.

The price structure for 2022 for this pitch is €33 per night for 1-2 people and an additional €5 per person (child 3yrs + or adult) thereafter.  For example, a family of four per night will be €43. This includes use of the campsite showers and toilets and electric.

If your tent base is larger than 6 metres by 6 metres please call first to check whether this pitch could accommodate your requirements.

Take a video tour of our tent pitches:

So, that’s our summary! of the different pitch types at Strand Camping and we hope that helps with your campsite and pitch selection. We are always happy to discuss your requirements so please don’t hesitate to call us or email us before you decide.

To help further we have provided below a small selection of frequently asked question and answers:

” I can’t find the type of pitch I want when I check dates online via your website” You will only be presented with pitches which are available for the dates you select. Try checking an alternative date or contact us directly so we can advise you of the availability.

“My tent is bigger than the base area described. Can I go ahead and book the pitch?” Our tent pitches have a dedicated base for the tents to be pitched on so if your tent is larger than that space please contact us first before booking so we can check if it will meet your requirements.

“How many tents can we bring for use on the tent pitches?” You can have more than one tent on a pitch but the overall base for the tents together must fit within the tent base area. For example, if you have two, 2-man tents that side-by-side can fit within 6m x 6m in pitch #12 that would be no problem

“Whats included in the price?” As a standard our prices include most of the campsite facilities including showers and toilets, WiFi, recycle and rubbish disposal, water, used water disposal and toilet emptying for campervans, motorhomes and caravans. The additonal items which would be chargeable if used are: Laundry facilities (Euro coin operated), Electric hook-up (excluding pitch #12 and pitch #9 where its included) and hot drinks.

“Can we have a BBQ?” Yes. BBQ’s are permitted but must be raised off the ground and located on/over a gravel based area. No BBQ’s or hot pans should be placed on the awning/tent areas of rubber chippings or recreational areas of grass. We have a dedicated metal bin for used disposable BBQs or hot ashes,

“Do you allow fire-pits or campfires?” Sorry no, these present a fire and personal injury risk and are not permitted in any part of the campsite under any circumstances.

“Can I bring my dog?” Absolutely! dogs are welcome and there is no additional charge. Dogs must be kept on a lead however and are not allowed to roam freely on the campsite. Please remember to ‘scoop the poop’!! and dispose of this in the dedicated bins in our dog agility / run area.

“What time can I access my pitch?” You can check in anytime from 12.00 noon until 8.30pm. Departure time is anytime up until 12.00 noon.

“I have a roof tent on my vehicle. What pitch do I book?” Roof tents are becoming very popular and come in all shapes and sizes. You should book a campervan / motorhome pitch but state in the ‘special request” field that you are a roof-top tent. That helps us allocate a pitch with suitable space for you.

“I am bringing an additional car / trailer”  That’s fine but you are recommended to book the additional car parking space. The campsite has six separate parking spaces that are prebookable. Alternatively there is plenty of free, off-street parking near to the campsite. If you are a motorhome with an attached tow-car please contact us first so that we can check availability for  your configuration.

“Why don’t you have grass pitches / areas for tents or awnings?” From experience we have found that grass areas for tents and ground-based awnings can easily become muddy and, in worse conditions, become unusable in wet or damp weather. We want to provide this facility year round so have opted for all-weather surfaces which can sustain repeated and daily use. These artificial surfaces of fine pea gravel or soft green rubber chippings are simply ‘toppings’ with the lower layers being earth/soil. You can use them with standard pegs in the same way you would pitch on grass.

“I have a caravan with car but you only have campervan or motorhome pitches available for the dates I want. Can I book one of those instead?” The key difference in those pitch types is the width of the gravel hardstanding. Our campervan or motorhome pitches are designed to accommodate one vehicle whereas the caravan pitches are designed to accommodate, side-by-side, the caravan with car. Please contact us first to see what options are available because you will need an additional car parking space which may not be possible.

We hope to see you soon, until then happy camping! Jamie & Amanda