The safety and well being of everyone is a top priority for us and at Strand Camping we take health and safety very seriously. We all have a role to play in ensuring that we do our best to protect each other.  

We have implemented additional and specific measures across our campsite to help reduce COVID-19 risks to you and ourselves. We ask that everyone takes our advice seriously and follows the guidelines we have been provided with from the official bodies. When staying on our campsite we ask that you: 

  • Maintain 2 metre Social Distancing with others outside of your immediate party
  • Wear a face covering when inside any of our communal facilities and if 2 metres social distancing can not be maintained
  • Respect other customers who may wish to avoid contact with you
  • Wash your hands well and often with the hand soap available to you, disposing of paper towels in the bins provided
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering, leaving or using our facilities
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Wash and sanitise your hands afterwards
  • Avoid crowds and crowded areas and do not congregate or queue indoors within our communal facilities
  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19. If you feel unwell self isolate immediately and contact your GP and Strand Camping Management

COVID-19 Updated Visitor Policy

Knowing who is on the campsite and the ability to provide contact tracing information (if required) is very important which unfortunately means that we can not accept ad-hoc visitors to the campsite whilst COVID-19 operating guidelines are in place. We appreciate that this is inconvenient but please arrange to meet family and friends offsite. We will politely refuse entry to any adhoc visitors. (This does not affect food delivery or taxi services that can collect or deliver at the campsite entrance).

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Together we can make a positive difference.