Benefits of motorhome forums, clubs and guides

Join the gang !

A few years back when I bought my camper van I was too excited to listen to the chap selling it to me in respect of how everything works. As a consequence I got the van home and started to test how to get water and how the electrics worked etc. and I found that I could not get any hot water. The instruction manual did not instruct so I had a problem !

As usual in this day and age the internet was my first port of call and I found a motorhome forum especially dedicated to motorhomes. I posted my questions and within hours I had the answers and I had hot water. It does not stop there, I suddenly found I was within a community who, in some cases, had the same wishes and desires as myself and those people on the forum often had first-hand experience of something I wanted to buy for my motorhome or had stayed at a site in an area I intended to go and could offer their honest opinions. In short I have found the link to forums to be very useful. The one I would recommend for motorhome owners in Ireland is motorhomecraic

In addition to forums there are many clubs for motorhomes and caravans and these also offer benefits such as reduced prices at certain sites, handy guide books and reductions on insurance premiums.

With guide books for campers and camping there are many and certain ones are good for just Ireland others cater for the whole of Europe and beyond. They do tend to cost a bit though so before I bought my first guide book I asked on the forum which book members have used when travelling in the countries I intended to travel in. From the useful replies I decided on which book to buy.

We keep a couple of guide books here at the campsite and would be happy to show you why we decided to buy the guides we bought. But one main disadvantage of guide books is they are at least a year out of date. I know from experience that we will not be certain guides until their 2016 edition even though we applied in June 2014. And we know that a year on a campsite can make all the difference.

Review sites such as those like Google+, Trip Advisor and Yelp can be very useful when you are trying to decide which campsite to use over other campsites in the area, but again it will depend on the quality and accuracy of feedback given. If there’s lots of feedback and it tends to be negative throughout then I would probably chose somewhere else. If the feedback was in isolation or quite dated then I would be more inclined to try and find out a bit more about the campsite before deciding where to book my next camping trip. I would always take a personal recommendation from someone who knew me well over and reviews left on a website.